10 Benefits of having aquaponics at home

Benefits aquaponics

Why people choose for the aquaponics lifestyle

Who does not want a food production system with endless options to grow fruit and vegetables at home? The economical and sustainable lifestyle is rapidly taking over the world. Many people around the world already enjoy the numerous benefits of the aquaponics lifestyle, why won’t you?

Having aquaponics at home: The benefits

1. Compactivity

Using the aquaponics system requires less space than growing food conventionally in the ground. It allows you to place plants closer to each other. Due to the fact that the plant roots are under water, overcrowding will be prevented.

2. No need to weed

In comparison to growing food conventionally in the ground, there is no need to weed. Growing food by using the aquaponics system does not involve any soil, resulting in fresh food without weeding.

3. Not affected by soil pests  

Another benefit of the aquaponics system is the fact that you can grow your own food without any soil pests. The aquaponics system is built in such a way that it prevents soil pest infestation and pesticide toxins.

4. Less water needed

The re-circulation of water provides the plants with a sufficient amount of water resulting in no need to water your plants. By using the aquaponics system you use up to 90% less water in comparison to conventional gardening.

5. A source of income

The great shape and capacity of the aquaponics system makes it easy to place numerous plants using little space. By selling surplus production you can earn some extra money.

6. Quick way to grow food

In comparison to the production of food conventionally in the ground, the aquaponics system provides you food faster and at three to four times the density.

7. Less labor needed

No weeding, soil pests and the amazing aquaponics system allows you to grow food without investing lots of time. On average, the aquaponics system requires 66% less energy in comparison to conventional gardening.

8. Less physical work, injuries

The aquaponics system can be placed at any height you like. Therefore, bending and straining your back will not be necessary as often as conventional gardening requires.

9. Healthy way of life

Your own production of food will lead to a healthy way of life. Eating natural food without any chemicals is for most people the number one reason to invest in an aquaponics system.

10. Being sustainable by reproduction

The natural process of growing food at home balances conventional aquaculture, fish, with hydroponics, plants cultivating in water. Investing in an aquaponics system makes it easy to reproduce using minimum natural resources.

The aquaponics lifestyle gives you the opportunity to grow food in an environmentally friendly way.  Combining the production of organic vegetables and fish in a natural ecosystem makes it possible to feed your entire family. Aquaponics provides you with fresh organic food all year round, spending minimum amount of time in order to grow your own sustainable vegetables!