5 Easy ways to eat healthier

By September 5, 2014 Cooking, Food, Organic No Comments

Avoid processed food

Processed food contains lots of sugar, salt, fat as well as E-numbers and preservatives. Almost 95% of the food offered by supermarkets contains unhealthy ingredients. Therefore, try to avoid this kind of food as much as possible and only buy what you will definitely need. A broad range of natural products are available nowadays on the market which can easily be added to your own cooked meal. For people with a little bit more patience, buy a few packages of seeds and start growing your own herbs, fruit or vegetables at home.

Vary between fruit and vegetables

Human beings need all kinds of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. By eating 200 grams of fruit and vegetables a day, one gets enough vitamins and minerals. Incorporate fruit into a salad or make your own fruit mix. Combine all sorts of fruit you like and take it with you to work as a snack. Try seasonal or locally grown food to give your meals a surprising twist and eat healthier.

Make your own smoothies

Start your day with a boost by drinking a smoothie. Blend greens like spinach, celery, cucumber, green pepper or lettuce. Put on top of that some herbs like mint or parsley. Last but definitely not least, take some squeezed lemon, orange or apple juice. Enjoy your own home-made healthy smoothie!

Count calories

You want to drop some pounds? Start counting how many calories you eat a day. Write down what you eat and the corresponding calories. After writing all these products down you see how much food and drinks you consume. From this point you can see what kind of unhealthy products can be scraped from the list.

Note: Women need 2.000 and men need 2.500 calories a day.

Use products that balance blood sugar

Whole grain, starch and carbohydrate products keep your blood sugar stable. Eat three times a day one of the earlier mentioned products to function and sustain the energy level. Make sure you eat enough greens, fish, low-fat meat, nuts and beans. Avoid refined sugar in prepackaged foods to avoid spikes in blood sugar.