5 most magnificent herb bouquets

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Fresh and dried herbs can give a nice twist to a flower arrangement or bouquet. Herbs look and smell amazing and symbolize your needs for every single occasion. In the Victorian era, herbs a bride carried held serious meaning. Make your own meaningful herb bouquets by adding herbs to a couple of flowers for your own special occasion.

Herb Garden bouquet with roses

Large open ivory roses are combined with rosemary for remembrance and sage for a long life. This beautiful bouquet is tied together with a white big charming ribbon.


Photo: Cluney Photography

Mint and floral bouquet

Mint is known for its calming effect and represents virtue. This type of herb fits perfectly in a robust bouquet. In addition, the mint and floral bouquet can make a nervous bride calm.


Photo: w. Scott Chester

Lavender bridal bouquet

A bunch of tall lavender looks pretty, stylish and smells awesome. You can even dry your bouquet and put it somewhere in your house as a wonderful memory of your special day.


Photo: Elizabeth Messina

Hand-picked seasonal herb bouquet

The bridesmaids in this wedding carried seasonal hand-tied bouquets of cosmos, autumn ferns, French lavender, solidago, dill seed heads and pampas grass.


Photo: Mary Mack

Hydrangea and herb bouquet

The bride carried a lush bouquet of hydrangeas, silver leaf and lamb’s ears accented with herbs like mint representing virtue, sage for a long life and thyme representing courage.

hydrangea and herb

Photo: Allyson Magda Photography