6 Delicious power foods to strengthen your body

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6 delicious power foods

When talking about Power food, most people think immediately of the superfood hype. Quinoa, goji berries, hempseed you name it. But why do we massively eat these products? If you ask me, people want to try something new and are desperately seeking for the healthiest food available. Unfortunately, the expectations of consumers and experts are not fulfilled. Effects of these products are minimal. Somehow, people do not realize that traditional food, which we already know for many years, contains all nutrients our body needs. Therefore, we have listed especially for you six of the very best traditional power foods to give you an energy boost!

1. Berries

Do not underestimate the power of small fruits. Blueberries do not only taste well, but contain also tons of antioxidants including fiber. According to recent studies, berries boost brain power and keep your heart healthy. The small size makes of this fruit makes it easy to put many berries at once in the freezer. Just open the freezer and add berries to oatmeal or yoghurt for a nice and healthy breakfast, or heat some berries for a nice berry crumble desert.

2. Salmon

As most people already know, salmon is loaded with omega 3s. But have you already heard of ‘serotonin’? This chemical is called the happy-mood brain chemical. It influences your mood, making you happy. In comparison to other canned fish like tuna, wild canned salmon is healthier because it contains a lower amount of mercury. So it is very easy to contribute to a sustainable society, just by reading labels on products and eating wild, environmentally friendly products.

3. Kale

Kale is in the Netherlands a popular vegetable which is used most often in stews during wintertime. A portion of 100 grams of kale, contains already four times the daily dose of vitamin K. Taking a closer look at vitamin K, studies show that vitamin K plays a big role when it comes to bone health. In addition to vitamin K, other nutrients which can be found in kale such as calcium, iron, vitamin A and B6 contribute to your health. This green vegetable can be used in the kitchen in many different ways – bake, steam or juice it– There are plenty of opportunities!

4. Oatmeal

Fiber, fiber, fiber …. Fiber contributes to the process of burning belly fat. Oatmeal makes you feel full longer and on top of that less hungry. It contains only 130 calories a cup. You can make oatmeal taste a lot better by combining it with ground flax or berries. Many people benefit from this healthy product, because this product is free from gluten. Gluten sensitive people can eat oatmeal without having to worry.

5. Avocados

Originated from Central America, the avocado. Full of natural fibers and monounsaturated fat. UK experts believe that people need to eat products containing monounsaturated fat in order to lower the amount of people suffering from coronary hearth disease. Avocado also makes your skin feel softer and healthier, elastic and firm.

6. Nuts

A handful of nuts a day is enough to strengthen your body. Eat brazil nuts or almonds, which contain the mineral selenium. It helps wounds of people with a low thyroid function to heal better. Since this kind of nuts contains such a high amount of selenium, only three to four brazil nuts are enough to get all the required selenium.