Featuring Mediamatic

Mediamatic: aquaponics farm for sustainable food production

Situated in the Van Gendthallen, Amsterdam is the aquaponics farm. At these former ship building halls, sustainable solutions are found on a daily basis. About 25 passionate people work together in order to maintain the farm. The team exists of builders, farmers, designers and teachers that want to share their knowledge with you!


Big aquaponics systems are pretty fragile when they start out, and have to be monitored constantly. The water has to be tested for certain chemicals, for its pH-levels etc… Small changes to the composition of the water can be deadly. As the ecosystem grows it gets stronger, until it cannot only sustain itself, but also protect itself from external influences. As of August 2012 Mediamatic has built a number of aquaponic set-ups, including a 4-storey tower (1 fish tank, 3 plant containers). The team is monitoring, adjusting, and keeping their fingers crossed that the fish and plants survive and prosper.

Internship Aquaponics

Help Mediamatic to grow vegetables and fish in this ecologically sustainable system! As an intern aquaponics you are involved in designing, building and taking care of the systems. You also help with organising the workshops and organise the educational program for schools. We are looking for students with a study related to agriculture, horticulture or fishery, but also students with a different background and green fingers are welcome to apply.

Get involved

Please feel free to get in touch and join Mediamatic. Help them build or research, or just hang out for a nice chat about urban agriculture and happy farming. You can also participate in one of the aquaponics workshops they are organizing. For more information visit the Mediamatic website. Keep up the good work guys!