5 Benefits of growing your own organic food

Organic food

You can grow your own organic food!

The process of growing your own food is not a new concept; rather, it’s a movement back to simpler times when we were more self-reliant and thought more about what we put on the table. You can grow your own organic food too, with just a little bit of work. Here’s a list of reasons to consider if you’re a little skeptical about the benefits:


When you have fresh vegetables in the garden you’re more likely to put them on your plate. Besides the convenience of a grocery aisle right outside your door you’ll also have the comfort of knowing that your veggies are picked at the peak of freshness and aren’t tarnished by any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Save Money

Obviously there’s a big markup on all grocery profits to ensure that everyone gets a cut of the profits. Cut down on costs and invest in plants that can reproduce for years to come.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Growing locally and providing fresh food for your family in your own backyard is better for the environment without the strain of commercial industry and production. Not to mention the consumption of gas alone that would be spent transporting the food to your door!

Better Taste

Your vegetables will taste better and be fresher when you pick them straight from the vine. Enjoy bolder flavors and more authentic textures without the harmful effects of genetic modification or hazardous chemicals.

Sense of Pride

Your family will love the process of bringing fresh organic food from your garden to the table and they can see that their hard work really does pay off. The little ones can watch daily progress as the tops of carrots peek out of the ground and you can host fresh, all-natural dinner parties with food that you picked straight from you garden. Your friends will want to hop on the fresh food train too!