Kickstarter campaign: Is organic produce better than conventional?

One of the latest Kickstarter projects is about research on the microbiome of fruits and vegetables compared to conventional produce. Laura Wolfer needs $6,000 for an investigation to find out what kinds of bacteria human beings are eating and if these bacteria can help ward off disease.

Our gut harbors contain millions of beneficial bacteria and sometimes lack of gut flora diversity. Without a gut flora diversity one can get obesity or inflammation. Therefore one can say that bacterial diversity is an essential part for a healthy lifestyle. The pilot study will compare both organic and conventional produce to see what varieties of bacteria are found on each one of them.

Previously conducted research shows that health depends on certain populations of gut bacteria originating from our environment. According to this research, we are only 10% human! The other 90% consists of microbial DNA in and on our bodies.

There is an overlap in medical and soil science. The way of producing food and human health sounds like a logical link in the minds of many people. Diversity of soil microbes is important to keep plants healthy because a biologically diverse soil can deal with environmental stress way better. Taking this into account for our own bodies, the gut needs a diversity of microbes for our own optimum health. Microbes can be found in food what we eat on a daily basis. However, one can raise the question: do agricultural practices influence the presence and diversity of microbes on our food? The answer to that question is for now unclear but may lead to a greater awareness and understanding of the way people grow food and the consequences to our health.

Back this interesting Kickstarter project and contribute to this research which will try to find an answer to many questions in science. These answers can afterwards be used to inform people about bacteria in organic produce compared to conventional.