Vegua into Seats2Meet, what do you think of it?

Seats 2 Meet Vegua

Of course for a Kickstarter campaign we want people to know what a Vegua is. We work hard to increase the amount of people that know about the Vegua beforehand. Next to social media we are working on it locally too. Seats2Meet Eindhoven is the place where we are, from now on, visually presented. We were able to create something that looks awesome! Thanks to Questo ReclamePlus for the prints. But what is Seats2Meet?

Seats2Meet is, according to themselves, the most original meeting concept in Europe. It is an innovative business concept in the meetings and conference industry. Instead of booking meetingspaces, guests book seats for meeting. This can be done via the booking software at Depending on the type of meeting the booker can choose which meetingspace option he wants.

Next to this Seats2Meet offers insight into who has which knowledge and expertises. Everyone can take place for free at Seats2Meet and is asked to fill in his/her skills on With this, people can see what expertises are currently at their location, and what could be of interest for them. If he sees any relevant or needed skills, he can contact that person and meet directly.

Furthermore Seats2Meet wants to connect the organisations that organise meetings at the Seats2Meet locations with independent professionals in their value network. This cooperation results in creating (new) value and thereby re-shaping our society.

Because we are located at Strijp-S too, it’s a great opportunity for us to present the Vegua there. What do you think of it? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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Creating Box