The world’s largest rooftop farm in Chicago

Method Products and Gotham Greens, pioneers in eco friendly cleaning products and urban farming are planning on building the world’s largest rooftop farm at Method’s new manufacturing plant in Pullman Park, Chicago. The new manufacturing plant is designed by William McDonough and partners, and will become the world’s first LEED-Platinum certified manufacturing plant in the agriculture industry. On the roof of the plant, a state-of-the-art agricultural greenhouse facility with a size of 1.5 acres will be built, designed by Gotham Greens.

Business used as a force for social and environmental good

The state-of-the-art agricultural greenhouse will grow sustainable, free of pesticide produce on a large scale.  The annual produce is estimated on 1 million pounds, distributed and served at restaurants, farmer’s markets, community groups and retailers.

Gotham Greens’ irrigation methods have proven to use 20 times less land and 10 times less water. By using no pesticides water will not be polluted. In addition, the food safety program minimizes the risk of salmonella and E.coli. The locally produced food which will be available in stores and farmer’s markets will be harvested and packaged at the same day, even in winter time. You will need a little patience, the facility will be operational in the spring of 2015.

Why Chicago?

According to co-founder and CEO of Gotham Greens, Viraj Puri, Chicago distinguished itself in the fields of urban farming and green building over the past decade. The great rail, road, water and air infrastructure and the availability of land drives green industries to invest in the area. Busy becoming one of America’s most innovative and greenest cities, Gotham Greens is honored to participate in this project and having Method as partner.

The local community will benefit tremendously from this project. Major of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, stated: “Method has been instrumental in supporting the revitalization happening in Pullman, and the addition of this sustainable greenhouse means that more Chicago residents will have access to fresh, healthy foods grown in the neighborhood.”

Method & Gotham Greens

Method’s activities are spread all around the world offering planet-friendly and design-driven home, fabric and personal care products. Partner Gotham Greens, is the leading producer of local, premium-quality, greenhouse-grown vegetables and herbs. Year-round, fresh vegetable production is guaranteed by greenhouse facilities which the company develops and operates. Thanks to Gotham Greens, the first commercial-scale hydroponic urban greenhouse opened its doors in 2011.