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How does Aquaponics work?

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What is the Vegua?

“A combination between a fishbowl and a planter, in a sleek design” is briefly what the Vegua is. It’s an eco-friendly product which allows you to grow your own biological herbs, vegetables and other plants in your living room or kitchen.

Produce your own biological food

You can grow basil, thyme, tomatoes and many other plants in the Vegua. Aquaponics ensures you that your freshly produced food is 100% biological and delicious. Your fish take care of everything!


Your own little eco-system at home. The fish feed the plants and in return, the plants clean the water. A natural balance that grows food right in your kitchen or living room, faster and more tasty than traditional ways of producing food.

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Design & Sustainability

A high quality Dutch design product which is very easy to use for everyone. The unique and clean design fits in a wide variety of interiors.


Make your own pesto with fresh Basil


Seasoning your fish with Lemon and Thyme


Your own delicious soups and sauces with Parsley

The Vegua team

Johan Manders

Johan Manders

Founder & Project lead

He has passion for design and development, and mixes these to a wonderful result. He leads the development of the Vegua and comes up with new ideas all the time. Wide interests and lots of energy are his main drivers.

Maya Peeters

Maya Peeters

Press & Communications Officer

Her personality can best be defined as being self-driven, creative and communicative. The ability to communicate in various languages challenges her to build and maintain relationships at home and abroad with all forms of media. In addition, she expresses her creativity through writing blog posts inspired by global environmental change.

René Schreurs

René Schreurs

Product designer

Ambition and curiosity are what describe him best. He assists in designing the product and works on the marketing activity of the Vegua. His three areas of expertise are IT, design and marketing, united in developing the Vegua.

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