10,000 square meter rooftop farm in Chongqing

A large farm of 10,000 square meter has been built on top of a factory in the municipality Chongqing in south-western China. It is not an ordinary farm, it is built on top of a door manufacturing company. Factory staff volunteer and enjoy working here during breaks. The volunteers grow their own vegetables and take them home when they are ripe for free.

Why building this large rooftop farm?

According to factory official Lu Xiaoqing it would be a waste if we left the big rooftop unused. Land resources in China’s large cities continue to diminish due to urban development, resulting in limited land space to be used for gardening. That’s how we came up with the idea to start our own rooftop farm. We think it is very important that our staff contributes to this farming project.

What does the farm look like?

At the rooftop farm you can see many kinds of crops, greenery, yellow rapeseed and even livestock. Peacocks are walking around as well as goats, geese and ducks. One can even take a tour by boat enjoying the magnificent environment. Volunteers really enjoy working at the farm. Feeding the animals and harvesting vegetables is what they like to do during breaks.

Chongqing Chongqing-rooftop

City rooftop farming popular in Chongqing

Residents of Chongqing were already familiar with rooftop farming. Over the last few years it became a hot item and many residents started their own rooftop farm on top of their apartment building. The most popular plants to grow are egg plants, green beans and peppers. One local resident grows more than 10 sorts of vegetables. According to Chinese current laws and legislation, rooftops belong to all property owners making it easy to start farming. However, one can best ask for permission of half of the property owners before doing so. These innovative mini farms give a pleasant atmosphere and color to the industrial landscape and city of Chongqing.