5 Inspiring Thanksgiving table decorations

By November 26, 2014 Decoration, Nature No Comments

One day to go until Thanksgiving. Dress up your holiday table or mantel with festive decorations, and you will definitely win the price for most original decorations. Keep up the good work and start decorating with the five tips listed below.

Organic placeholders

Pot your own produced herbs in miniature terra-cotta pots, decorate the pots with gold paint and write your guests names in the middle with a black marker or other colour to match your decor. A nice smelling and unique idea for place settings.

Original placeholders

Herb place cards

Tie leftover herbs together and attach the names of your guests to each tag. Very simple to make, low-cost and takes only a few minutes of your time, leaving enough time to prepare a sumptuous dinner for your entire family.

Herb Place Cards

Mini vases

Line the table with small square or round glasses filled with water and place a baby artichoke in each one. You can also use different sizes of glasses right next to each other. Decorate the glasses with green or purple artichokes. Classy and fits in a wide variety of interiors.

Mini vases

Extraordinary veggie centerpieces

Use instead of flowers different kinds of vegetables for your centerpiece. All you need for this veggie centerpiece is a water-soaked square of floral foam at the base of a footed bowl to hold the veggies in place. Take different kinds of structures for a nice contrast.

Veggie centerpieces

Wine bottle candleholders

Get rid of the boring old-fashioned candleholders. Save old wine bottles, fill them with spices, rice and grains and buy some candles in the same colour range to create a beautiful chemistry between the two.

Wine Bottle Candleholder