How aquaponics feeds Haitians in need

Christmas is coming up and makes us think about others in the world who are desperate in need of help. This blogpost is all about ‘Healing Haiti’, an organization which offers help to the citizens in  Titanyen Haiti, the poorest country in the world. Thanks to devoted volunteers Grace Village was established in 2011. A wonderful initiative which resulted in the Grace Aquaponics Initiative for feeding over 400 children, elderly and adults weekly.

How aquaponics changed their lives…

To feed people in the slums of Cite Soleil, Healing Haiti is building a large aquaponics environment in Titanyen. The technology of aquaponics was chosen for this project because it can be used successfully in nearly any conditions. The village of Titanyen is located in the dessert which makes it extremely difficult to cultivate traditional food. A lack of soil, rain and rocky conditions contribute to limited opportunities to grow healthy and nutrient rich food.

The Grace Aquaponics Initiative provides up to 1,000 gallon of fish culture thanks, 4,000 square feet of hydroponic plant beds and all necessary equipment for a good working aquaponics system. Per year the system produces:

2,500 lbs of protein-rich tilapia

6,000 – 8,000 plants

All needed for healthy meals in order to  feed and prevent sickness and diseases.

Healing haiti

 Grow food for own family, to sell and support Grace Village Feeding Center

Citizens of Titanyen learn how to manage water quality, care for fish, grow and harvest plants. Ultimately they learn how to return waste to usable topsoil through composting. The maintenance of ten growing beds is divided among twenty different families in need of food. Each family grows their own food for feeding their own family, can choose to bring it to the market to sell or donates food to the Grace Village Feeding Center.


A model for other ministries

Healing Haiti would like to learn others in Haiti how to build and maintain an aquaponics environment. In order to realize future trainings money is needed. Support the initiatives of the Grace Village!  For more information visit Healing Haiti.

Grace Village