How to design a sustainable home

Eco Friendly home

Dreaming of an eco-friendly cabin? The Schumacher’s turned their weekend house into a full-time home. On one thing in particular, the Schumacher’s agreed: a small house on the 1-acre lot. Besides a small footprint the family also wanted to their home to be environmentally friendly. With a super-insulated roof,  on-demand hot water, electric in-floor radiant heating, and ceiling fans in lieu of air-conditioning the designer created one of the coolest sustainable homes in the United States. We take a closer look at the design used and provide you with modern house ideas for building your own sustainable cabin.


Architect Lawrence created a shed-style pitched roof representing a contemporary version of a traditional shape. The combination of glass doors and fixed-pane windows provides big views over the mountains for less cost in comparison to solid glass.


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The Schumacher’s instructed Lawrence to create a covered walkway between the house and garage. Several materials were used including traditional board-and-batten siding. Open the door and you see a stairway which leads up to the guest quarters over the garage. The guest quarters are decorated from the outside with wood elements.


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Unfussy hardware topped with live-edge wood creates a banquette-style bench in the mudroom just off the kitchen. Baskets beneath the bench are used as storage space for corral mittens and hats.


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Living room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your house. Therefore, a unique board-formed fireplace and handy niche for storing wood have been built against the wall creating a cosy atmosphere. The floors were dyed for a mottled appearance and complement the wood used for the coffee table. Fashioned from a railroad car, the coffee table is a unique element in the living room.

living room

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Extraordinary wood cabinetry was designed with barn wood which had been weathered from 100 years. A clear finish was simply enough to create a great look. For the backsplash the Schumacher’s chose corrugated metal, affordable and creates an industrial look at the same time. To storage plates and kitchenware, wooden shelves were used for a playful effect.


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Vintage-style lighting

Have you ever thought of using industrial lightning? It provides a lot of light and creates a roughed-up effect. As a finishing touch, use charming pendants made from recycled fuel tank tops and mason jars.


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Kids Bedroom

Furnish the kids bedroom with bunkbeds. It requires less space and is practical. Bring character into simple spaces by placing wood ceiling planks and panels.

Kids Bedroom

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