Enjoy your natural swimming pool year round

Natural swimming pool

Why settle for a regular pool?

In summer time people tend to slow down. It is time to relax! You are looking for a way to cool down, the swimming pool. Sounds nice, a swimming pool in your own backyard, doesn’t it? But, there are some downsides to a regular pool. You must have heard friends or family that have a swimming pool in their backyard complaining about the maintenance. It’s time consuming and chemicals such as chlorine are ‘needed’ to keep the regular swimming pool clean. Also think about the rest of the year, when you can’t swim. You would probably have an ugly blue ‘carpet’ in your backyard, covering your precious water. Wouldn’t you want a swimming pool that needs a lot less maintenance and is something that also looks great all year long?

Sustainable natural swimming pool

More and more people start living the environmentally friendly lifestyle and see there is a way to build an ecological friendly swimming pool. When maintained properly, a natural swimming pool has crystal-clear water and one does not have to make use of any chemicals. Water pressure and pumps are still needed, but the natural system filters water through beds of rocks and plants. Because plants attract phosphorous, they also grow very well. Nutrients and plants together ensure the prevention and minimization of algae. This process works quite the same as aquaponics. In order to have a effectively working natural swimming pool, at least 50% of the area needs to be dedicated to plant and rock filtration. The big difference between a natural and conventional pool is the way people maintain it. Natural pool water is kept alive, whereas chemical pool water is treated.

It is hard to make natural swimming pools 100% sustainable. Most of the time energy is still needed for filtration and circulation. However, you benefit from the beautiful nature in your own backyard adding a unique element to your garden. A natural pool can be made as green as you wish, using solar panels, pumps or green walls. There are plenty options.

The choice is yours

If your are thinking about putting a regular swimming pool in your backyard, think about how a natural swimming pool can give you pleasure all year round! The choice is yours, but it should be a simple one.

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