Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything you might want to know about the Vegua, in an easy list.

How does the Vegua work?

The Vegua makes use of aquaponics, a combination between aquaculture and hydroponics. Bacteria in the system convert the fish waste (ammonia) into nitrates. In high concentration these nitrates are toxic for the fish.  However, they are amazing nutrients for the plants. The plants continuously absorb the nitrates. This has as result fast growing plants and clean water for your fish.

The aquaponics system in the Vegua makes use of a continuous flow system. This means that an internal filter pump transports water continuously in the tray that is full of Growstones. The amount of water is just enough to get the stones wet, so the bacteria can convert waste to nutrition and the roots of the plants have enough oxygen.

The design of the Vegua is made in such a way that the fish have a reference point and stay oriented. The curve that covers the ‘bowl’ partially, can be used as reference point so that they will not get dizzy swimming rounds and rounds. On top of that, the curve also provides a place for the fish to hide whenever they want to.

Where does the Vegua suit best in my house?

You can best place the Vegua in the kitchen or living room. Make sure there is enough daylight. However, do not place the Vegua in direct sunlight since this can cause algae. The ‘curve’ can best be placed towards the sunlight to minimize direct sunlight on the ‘fishbowl’.

What kinds of fish can live in the Vegua?

Small ornamental fish like guppies, angelfish, tetras and mollies fit perfectly in the Vegua.

How can I feed the fish?

You can feed the fish by opening the lid on top of the Vegua which covers a hole to the ‘fishbowl’.

How do the fish obtain oxygen?

There is plenty of oxygen in the water for your fish. This is caused by the water that falls down from the plant tray into the fishbowl. This results in a moving water surface allowing new oxygen to mix with the water.

What kinds of plants can I grow in the Vegua?

Many different kinds of herbs, small vegetables and fruits can be grown in the Vegua. Most easy to grow are kale, basil, any leafy lettuce, watercress, mint and chives. Plants that have higher nutritional demands and therefore require a bit more time are for instance tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers and berries. An overview of plants can be found on the Specifications page.

How often do I need to clean the Vegua?

The Vegua requires less cleaning and maintenance in comparison to a regular fishbowl. However, cleaning the Vegua will be necessary more or less once a month depending your choice of fish, plants and place. You can easily clean the Vegua by removing the upper tray.

Can I put water plants in the Vegua?

Yes. Just like a regular fishbowl you can place water plants in the bowl. Entertain your fish as you want to by adding different kinds of water plants or a big castle.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding platform where people can present their creative project/idea. People interested in a certain project can pledge money their selves. In this way it is not necessary for the entrepreneur to ask for a financial investment at the bank. The pledged money will only be available for the entrepreneur when the amount of money is retrieved for 100%.

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