Get your energy from Wheatgrass and Garden cress

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Did you know that you can produce Wheatgrass and Garden cress in the Vegua? On our Kickstarter page you might have already read that you can choose from three water levels to have the appropriate water level for every single plant. Wheatgrass and Garden cress are young plants and therefore love water. Choose for the highest water level and you will see these plants grow fast day by day.


Wheatgrass juice is one of the best natural medicines, a powerful detoxifier to help your body neutralize and to get rid of environmental pollutants. In addition it is full of vitamin A, B and C as well as calcium and magnesium. Wheatgrass contains twice as much vitamin A in comparison to carrots and contains a higher amount of vitamin C than oranges!

It takes only a few seconds to turn wheatgrass into fresh juice by using a slow juicer or blender. If you don’t have the equipment at home, you can also use a mortar. Drink two ounces of fresh juiced wheatgrass a day to feel the bio-electricity doing its job.


Garden cress

Garden cress might sound unfamiliar to you, but you will probably have tasted it already enjoying a dish at one of your favorite restaurants. One of the main reasons why you should eat garden cress is that it is an important source of iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamins C, E and A. Over the long run it even balances the body chemistry and can be used to lose weight. Garden cress grows really well in the Vegua, is inexpensive and can easily be added to your diet so why wouldn’t you start growing it?

Garden cress is available in many different flavors to garnish or spice up a dish. We have listed for you the most delicious types.

  • Water cress
  • Chili cress
  • Mustard cress
  • Basil cress
  • Rucola cress
  • Limon cress


Check out the Koppert Cress website for recipes