Robuust: The zero waste shop

waste free shop

No packaging results in zero waste shopping

After the opening of shops without plastic packaging in Texas (U.S.), Granel (Spain), Effecorta (Italy) and Original Unverpackt (Germany, Berlin), the 25 year old Savina Istas and her partner Thijs decided to open ‘Robuust: The zero waste shop ’ in Antwerp, Belgium. On average, Flemish people produce 513 kilos of waste on a yearly basis. Savina’s vision to reduce the amount of waste is partly a result of the study she followed. The study sustainability science and tips of a New York blogster have driven her to start her own business: a shop without plastic packaging.

Robuust offers biological food as well as non-food products. The eyecatcher of the shop is a large wall containing buckets with dried products such as pasta and rice.

How does it work?

The customers enter the shop bringing their own packaging for instance a bottle. The bottle will be weighted and provided with a label. Hereafter, the bottle can be filled with different kinds of food such as grain, coffee, tea and sugar. After filling, the bottle will be weighted once again to determine the price based on weight. Besides the dried products, fresh milk, orange juice and apple juice can be bought in the shop. The supply of non-food products exists of several kinds of soap and fabric softeners.

A part of the shop is reserved especially for ecological products. At this corner you can buy vitamin supplements, essential oils and face masks packaged in a bulk.

Having no bottle at home? No problem! You can buy jars and bottles at the shop or in some cases borrow them. According to the owner Savina, jars and bottles are cleaned in a professional dishwasher with high -pressure to meet hygiene guidelines.