Specifications of the Vegua

Measurements (l x w x h) 490 x 328 x 385 mm (19.3 x 12.9 x 15.1 in)
Weight (no water) 4 kg (8.8 lbs)
Weight (with water) 26 kg (57.3 lbs)
Volume waterbowl 20 liters (5.3 gals.)
Volume plant tray 7.5 liters (2 gals.)
Pump specifications 3 W, 4 l/min (1.1 gals/min)
110-240 V


All measurements are estimations based on technical drawings. These values may differ for the final product.

Volumes are measured by filling the bowl and tray to the recommended height.

Plant Species

The Vegua allows you to grow several kinds of plants in your own kitchen or living room. It is an amazing product for growing almost any herbs, several vegetables and even some fruits!



Herbs are the perfect kind of plants to grow in your Vegua. Herbs like wheatgrass, basil, thyme and chive grow really well in an aquaponics system. Especially wheatgrass, which is by far the fastest growing plant in our system.


Small vegetables like peppers are well suited to be grown in the Vegua. Because the plants do not become very tall there is enough space for them. The proportions between the size of these smaller plants and the Vegua are great. And ofcourse the colors of the vegetables make it look even better!


There are only a few fruits that can be grown  in the Vegua, but they are definitely worth mentioning! Imagine your own fresh strawberries, pineberries or tomatoes, what more is there to want? (Yes, tomatoes are fruit!)

What can you grow in your Vegua?



Bush dry beans


Cape gooseberries

Cayenne chiles







Hot Peppers



Leafy lettuce



Pak choi






Sweet peppers

Swiss chard




If you want to know how aquaponics works, see our aquaponics page with the explanation.

The fish

We would like you to meet our friend Freddy. He is one of the fish living in our Vegua (prototype) and loves his life there. Why does he enjoy it so much? Well, we got several reasons for that.

Freddy fish

First off, normally in a fish bowl the fish lack a reference point to stay oriented because it is just all round. Because of the curve that covers the “bowl” partially, fish can use this as a reference point so that they won’t get dizzy swimming rounds and rounds. This curve also provides a place for the fish to hide whenever they want to.

Secondly there is plenty of oxygen in the water for Freddy. This is caused by the water that falls down from the plant tray into the fishbowl. This results in a moving water surface allowing new oxygen to mix with the water.

The third reason is a way to feed Freddy. Ofcourse Freddy needs food to survive, the one thing you need to add to the system. We made this really easy for you by having a lid on top covering a hole to the “fishbowl”. By just opening the lid you can easily feed the fish.

Last, but not least, if one of your fish tells you they are bored, there are plenty of ways to entertain them. Whether it’s plants they want to swim through or maybe a big castle to live in, you can add these easily, just like you can in a normal fishbowl!