Steady, ready, action: KICKSTARTER

Vegua filming

Over het last few weeks we managed to dot the i’s and created a cool and beautiful looking Kickstarter campaign. Since we would like the Vegua and design to pop out as much as possible, lots of pictures had to be taken creating the unique atmosphere at home just as we want it to be.

Only pictures were in our eyes certainly not enough to have an impact on people and therefore we took the time at the beginning of this week to film the Vegua. A full day of recording in a modern kitchen with a professional cameraman. It was a nice experience to see the Vegua in the spotlight once again giving us, the Vegua team, a nice feeling to see that we already made it this far. In the video we shortly explain what the Vegua is and why we have designed the Vegua. Furthermore, we show you in detail how great the Vegua will look in your own living room or kitchen. A fantastic result which will definitely impress you.

In order to create a coherent package of not only product information, we took it a step further by giving you impressions and ideas at Kickstarter on how to use your own produced herbs in several ways. It still amazes me that herbs can be used in so many ways, in a simple vinaigrette up to beautiful table decorations for special occasions. Something you really have to see next week!

The Kickstarter campaign is almost ready to be launched and we are looking forward to it. Support the Vegua from the 13th of January onwards and visit our website to see our progress on this amazing design product.