Vegua at Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture

In preparation for the GFIA many things had to be arranged. As a matter of fact you have only one chance to impress the visitors of this amazing event. Let’s go back to the beginning. In October last year we received a phone call from the organizer of the GFIA, a platform for the world’s largest collection of sustainable agriculture innovations. He offered us the opportunity to expose the Vegua to a few thousand people with different professional backgrounds. After doing some research on this event it became clear to us that we could not miss this extraordinary opportunity. So we decided to seize this offer as quickly as possible.

After making sure that we have packed all promotional materials and documents our journey started. On the 5th of March we flew to Abu Dhabi, a few days before the opening so that we had enough time to install the Vegua and decorate our stand. The day before the kick-off of GFIA 2015 we took the entire day to prepare ourselves. You start thinking about the people you will meet. Very exciting since it was the very first time that we showed the Vegua to people who are linked to agriculture. After a full day of preparation we were ready for two interesting days to meet people from all around the world.

On the 9th of March the GFIA started with the kick-off of this major event. World leaders took the stage and elaborated on the case that the world’s population is growing, and natural resources are diminishing. A problem that is well documented however the world has to find a way to produce 56% more food by 2050. A lot of professionals, including us, think that one of the solutions will be the use of aquaponics. The Vegua is a beautiful example of a system that educates people about aquaponics and shows that this is a product for the future.

After many interesting speeches it was time to get back to business. Within only a few minutes after the opening you could see on the faces of people walking by that they were surprised in a positive way. Investors, marketers, sales persons and so on visited our stand to receive more information about our sustainable innovation. Luckily we met some people that could help us in the near future. We wait with keen interest to see what our participation at the GFIA will produce.