Vegua Community: use your experience to help others

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How well plants grow in the Vegua depends on a number of factors like type and combination of plants, room temperature, water level and type of fish which can be different in every situation. We already experimented with a few dozens of herbs, vegetables and fruits in various settings, but because there are thousands of possible combinations, we just don’t have the time and resources to experiment with all of them.

That is why we will create an online platform where people can share information and help others to have the best possible experience with the Vegua.  An interactive way to show the world what kind of herbs, vegetables or fruits you can most easily grow in the Vegua and to receive feedback right away on how you can make improvements in order to get the most delicious food from your own Vegua.

We will encourage you to start experimenting at home, office or other place where you think the Vegua fits best. Start with easy plants like lettuce, wheatgrass and basil. Take some seeds and see how young plants flourish with different water levels and share your experience with the community. Take the next step and grow some more demanding plants. All these answers together will form a magnificent source of information for other people to start producing this specific type of food you described.

You can experiment with the following list to see what gives you the best result:

Type of plant
Combination of plants
Water level
Type of fish
Fish feed

When you receive your own Vegua, explore how it works and make it your own project. Keep it easy and safe or experiment as much as you like. If you have children, involve them in the project for fun and educational moments. We would just love it if you write down your findings and share it with other Vegua owners.